Gedanken zum Tage 30. Mai

We are now in this intermediate, uncomfortable phase between a radical confinement and a freedom of movement where we will again be able to respond from the heart without restraint. The restrictions presently imposed on us are a totally new and rather disconcerting experience.


However, this extraordinary situation gives us a great opportunity to reconsider our rapport to others and ourselves, to appreciate fully the undisputable: our complete interdependence. Let’s thank the corona virus for this reminder!


Reflecting on interdependence invites us to look deeply at our individual responsibility in the general state of affair. Everything that we do, say or think has an impact on the world whether at a material level or at a more subtle level, whether tangible or not.


This responsibility is sometimes experienced or considered as something of a load, a weight, a burden, a source of guilt, a restraint…. and we prefer to brush it away from our field of vision, distract ourselves from it, not realising that in acting that way we increase our mal-être.


This interdependence, when it is brought to our consciousnessm totally accepted and embraced, becomes in fact a source of joy and fulfilment because it is in direct connection with the openness of the heart, loving kindness and altruism.

So it is not a constraint but an invitation to all possibilities, a spaciousness, limitlessness of creativity and love and by extension an opening to the ultimate.


If we care to bring out the best from the present situation, it is to encourage this very openness. It is in fact the best antidote to fear, suspicion, mistrust…

But it requires courage and courage requires inspiration. So let us be a source of inspiration for each other!


‘Even when we cannot meet with each other physically, we are not however distant from each other mentally.

Our affection for each other can keep us close.

We can remain close thanks to the goodness in our hearts.

We can see the stars twinkling in the sky.

In the same way, wherever you may be in the world, you can be a lamp that lights up the space around you. You will always have your own light to shine.

You can be a lamp that not only dissipates the darkness of your own perceptions but equally emanates enough light to light up the world around you as well.’

(excerpt from ‘The Heart is Noble’ by XVII Gyalwang Karmapa)

Lama Rinchen, buddhistische Nonne, die am People’ Prayer for Peace Anfang des Monats teilgenommen hat