AMINA benötigt Ihre Unterstützung in der Pandemie

Liebe Gemeinde St. Paulus,

Wie Sie wissen unterstützen wir als Gemeinde St. Paulus seit 2013 Amina aus den Philippinen, die dort 17 Straßenkinder aufgenommen hat. Sie alle sind seit 5 Monaten im lock-down. Die Situation dort ist sehr angespannt und Amina benötigt dringend finanzielle Unterstützung, damit Sie Nahrungsmittel und alles was zum täglichen Überleben notwendig ist besorgen kann. Hinzu kommt, dass das Schulsystem in den Philippinen nun auch längerfristig auf Online-Schule umgestellt wird und Amina dringend noch 2 Tablets oder Computer kaufen muss, damit alle an der Online-Schule teilnehmen können.

Wenn Sie Amina unterstützen möchten, überweisen Sie bitte Ihre Spende auf das Konto: BE29 1030 4953 7564, Crelan Bank, Bettina und Stefan Appel, Kennwort: Amina

Hier der Brief von Amina

The COVID19 global pandemic which originated in Wuhan, China has affected several countries around the world.

The Philippines is not an exception.  In March 2020, when the positive cases reached about 200, the President of the Philippines immediately declared a lock down.  It was not easy because people panicked in buying basic needs especially on food and disinfectants and during that time, food items, alcohol, face masks, and other disinfectants run out of supplies.  From then on, schools, offices, churches, mosques, malls, and other establishments were closed, and residents were not allowed to go out of their houses.  There was no public transport available also and even marketplaces were also closed. The place where I am living is not an exception to this.

Personally, it was very difficult for me coping up with all the basic needs of the family as well as the children in my care. Though, it was difficult, but I thought, it will only last for a month. So, I was very positive that I can make it through.  And then came the second month, the third and fourth month, and now the fifth month and is sinking deeply how difficult it is every day.  Same with others around the globe, there is the economic recession, many lost their jobs, establishments are closing because of bankruptcy and this even include schools.  In my case, it has affected my source of income which is mainly given trainings and workshops on peace and nonviolence (gatherings are not allowed and all my booked trainings and workshops has been cancelled for this year) as well as advising of students because schools are closed.  With the situation, these influences sustaining the basic needs of the children in my care.

Recently, it was announced that schools will be reopening and this time, to ensure safety and health of students, there will be blended learning which means that there will be online classes and for school materials, there will be delivery of those materials in the respective residence of students.  This means also that there will be additional costs because gadgets (laptops, computers, tablets) will be needed for online classes.

I am hoping and praying that there will be more generous individuals who are willing to share financial support so I can sustain the basic needs of the children in my care.

Danke für Ihre Unterstützung

Bettina Appel